A look into Coveline with Co-Owner, Sam Huck

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A look into Coveline with Co-Owner, Sam Huck

Having grown up with my mom in Ocean City, New Jersey and visiting my dad in Florida, it’s safe to say I’ve been in a bathing suit year-round since I was born. For as long as I can remember, my happy place, or my “cove”, has always been near water. Throughout college I even worked at a women’s bathing suit store. In fact, it was here I realized I could turn my love for bikinis into a career. I also grew up with very natural curves – currently at a 34D chest, 27” waist and 38” hips, which is actually very difficult to find a flattering swimsuit for. By the time I tied my halter top bikini tight enough to support my large chest, it immediately gave me a headache and back ache. If I found a racerback and got it large enough for my boobs, it never fit my back as hardly any are adjustable around the neck and back. And the bottoms? Well, let’s just say in college I developed the sausage-effect theory, which I define as when a bottom’s elastic squeezes your hips so much so that you look like a sausage stuffed in it’s casing.

What does this rant have to do with Coveline? Well, it’s the inspiration behind the seamless line, with fully adjustable tops fitting women as large as a DDD and bottoms that sit on your hips nicely instead of squeezing

your sides with their elastic. Our first 2017 launch includes 4 styles: The Shannon, Erica, Chandler and the stylish one-piece, the Kennedy. All of these tops have fully-adjustable tops that cross in the back with no halter top features and a band that supports the boobs – no matter how large or small they may be – this band is truly flattering. All three of the bikini bottoms feature a slight cheeky bottom but nothing that can’t be worn for a family beach day and seamless stitching around the leg openings and waist. This gives the hips and butt breathing room and eliminates the muffin top that most bikinis force even the smallest of girls into.

My favorite top? While I am obsessed with them all, my favorite to wear is the Erica – the fully supportive wrap top. When you unwrap the Erica, you’re still sporting a fully functional bikini top but you get the great look of a wrap. I have to say my favorite bottom is the Chandler. The decorative straps on the front and back make it unlike any bikini bottom – and of course it doesn’t squeeze my hips (both shown here in the Sansa & Eleuthera). I’m also obsessed with the Kennedy – our one piece. It’s fun and attractive but insanely supportive. The high leg sides elongate the legs and the seamless butt is perfect for not squeezing (shown here in the Emerald Coral).

To be honest, you can’t go wrong with any of our suits – and I am not just saying that! We spent over a year designing them with the ‘average’ girl in mind (you shouldn’t have to be a model to look and feel good in swimwear, right?)

Finally to my favorite part of Coveline which is our love for the ocean and its inhabitants. We could, and will, write an entire blog post dedicated to our conservation efforts but for now it’s important to say we love the ocean and wildlife so much that we donate 10% of our profits to marine conservation efforts. We respect and love the ocean and all it’s creatures from fish, to coral to whales and sharks. In today’s world it’s important to raise awareness and help all the wonderful organizations that are dedicated to saving and preserving the ocean that we wear our Coveline suits in!

We truly hope you love Coveline as much as we do! Always keep in mind that we love feedback and want to see YOU in our suits, so don’t forget to hashtag #discoveryourcove on Instagram so we can feature you on our Instagram & website! Finally, always reach out to us with questions, concerns and comments even if it’s just for help deciding on what size to buy! You can reach us at coveline@covelineswim.com and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!

We look forward to adding you to our Coveline family!

Samantha Huck, Co-Owner

Notes: For reference to my measurements above and Coveline sizing, I am a Large top, Medium bottom & Medium in the Kennedy one piece (height, 5'10")

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