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Let’s face it – we’ve all found the cutest bikini, with the best print and color palette only to find that it squeezed us too hard on the hips (what we call the sausage effect) or the halter strings had to be tied too tight for security (holy headache!). Or even worse, a “L” top may fit your cup size but is two sizes too large on your bust, or vice-versa. We felt this way, and years of growing up in a beach town showed us that we weren’t alone. We created Coveline Swimwear to finally get a brand out there that focused not just on function and fashion, but on flattery. Being in a bathing suit isn’t always easy – but we’re here to help women feel confident and proud without sacrificing style.

Having all grown up together on a barrier island, Ocean City, NJ, we fully encompass a beach lifestyle. This has enabled us to not only develop a true understanding about the importance of quality swimwear, but also has shaped us to love and care about the sea and its inhabitants. We sought to create a swimwear line that would not just give confidence to our customers but would also give back to the environment it would be worn in: the oceans.

Bond with our Oceans

It was evident that many people shared our passion for the ocean, so we looked for ways to incorporate marine conservation into our mission. Through our research, we unfortunately discovered there are many issues threatening the ocean and its inhabitants worldwide. The good news is a majority of these issues and threats are preventable.

Coveline Swimwear seeks to not only provide its customers with high-quality and flattering swimwear, but to raise awareness on these threats our beloved oceans are facing daily. We donate 10% of our profits to charitable marine conservation and wildlife organizations to help aid in defeating these threats.

There has always been a bond between women and the sea. Coveline Swimwear plans to strengthen this bond, while helping to preserve and protect the animals and habitats that make it so beautiful.

Samantha Cury HUCK, Owner

Samantha has always had an interest in the fashion industry, particularly women’s swimwear. Having graduated from West Chester University with a dual degree in finance and communications, Sam worked in public relations, ran a roofing business and worked as an interior designer. While gaining a magnitude of experience and skills in these vast fields, nothing compared to the passion she felt working at a local high-end women’s swimwear boutique for over five years. It was in this business that Sam realized the need for women’s swimwear that focuses on flattery without sacrificing style. She found that there are minimal bathing suits, especially bikinis, which focus on flattering the natural curves of women. Sam plays a huge role in the design of Coveline’s suits while also using her background to keep the administration side of Coveline running smoothly.

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