Giving Back

There has always been a bond between women and the sea. By donating 10% of our profits to charitable marine conservation and wildlife organizations, we plan to strengthen this bond while helping to preserve and protect the animals and habitats that make it so beautiful.


The Oceans

There are an endless amount of reasons why the oceans are important to us. They cover over 70% of the earth, regulate our climate and CO2 levels in the atmosphere, provide sustained livelihoods worldwide for fishermen, provide food for millions of people each year, and are home to some of our planet’s most majestic creatures and habitats. Unfortunately, the outlook for our beloved oceans is trending downward from many factors, most of which are due to human influence.

The Threats

The oceans are being overfished at unsustainable levels. Not only is this significantly depleting the availability of resources to people worldwide, it leads to the destruction of entire ecosystems, which can lead to the ecological collapse of our oceans themselves. The most commonly used method in commercial fishing is trawling. Trawling nets are dragged across the ocean floor to catch large amounts of fish in one sweep, often permanently destroying habitats and catching animals that weren’t even targeted such as sea turtles, dolphins, and young or tropical fish along the way. These non-targeted animals that end up in the nets, known as bycatch, are often thrown overboard either dying or already dead.

The oceans also face high toxicity levels due to pollution, oil spills and global warming. Rising ocean temperatures due to unregulated climate change are killing coral and releasing gasses underwater that threaten the livelihood of coral reefs worldwide and marine life.

Perhaps the most preventable threat our oceans are facing is the capturing of whales, dolphins, sharks and other animals for human consumption. From shark finning to the capturing and displaying of these majestic mammals for entertainment, these creatures are on a path to extinction in the wild solely due to human activity and inconsideration.

Overall, it is estimated that that over a third of the population of marine animals has been lost in the past forty years, and less than 4% of the oceans remain unaffected by human influence.

The Solution

Luckily we can make a difference. Together we can do our part to keep our oceans trash-free, work to establish sustainable fisheries, get involved with our local governments to develop humane animal rights laws and restrictions, and raise awareness on the global threats facing the oceans. At Coveline Swimwear, our mission is to not only shed light on these issues, but to give back to organizations who are actively working to protect our environment along with the habitats and animals within it that make it so beautiful.

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